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Grow Your Own

You don’t need to be a gardener or even have a garden to grow your own for a Big Lunch. There are plenty of plants and veggies which are perfect to grow in a pot on the window sill or wherever there is some space and light!  All you need is compost, something to grow things in and enthusiasm to give it a go!

  1. Grow speedy salad


    Grow your own salad in a matter of weeks.

    Watch the video
  2. Homemade plant pots

    homemade plant pots

    If you are going to grow your own plants from seed you don’t need to waste money on expensive plastic seed trays or peat pots, make your own out of newspaper.

    Learn how to
  3. Spring Growing Tips

    vegetables at the Eden Project

    Here are some of Eden projects 3 top tips to Big Lunch growing.

  4. Grow vegetables anywhere!

    daffodils in boots

    Knowing how to grow vegetables can not only save you money, but it’s also a really fun activity that anyone can get involved in.

    Learn how to
  5. Creative growing for kids


    Listen to a story about Mr and Mrs Rabbit, and how they use an unusual container to grow lettuce in.

    Watch the video

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